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Pop-up events are seemingly unplanned or temporary events that have the power to build brand awareness and impress new audiences. But as with any event, creating a successful pop-up event takes a lot of planning, coordination, and finesse. That’s why we’ve pulled together our years of experience to create a definitive list of the 4 secrets to creating a successful pop-up event. We’ve even pulled one of our favorite pop-up events that were a massive success thanks to these 4 secrets. 

How to Plan Successful Pop-Up Events

In early 2019, Events of a Lifetime Productions teamed up with The Women Project to host a pop-up event in Buckhead, GA. By incorporating the following 4 secrets, the event was a massive success and resulted in record-breaking membership sign-ups. 

Establish the event goal (and get specific)

Establish the event goal is the top priority as it will inform the venue, design, logistics, and measure event success. The pop-up event goal will likely overlap with business goals, such as;

  • Conducting market research
  • Finding new customers
  • Building brand awareness

For The Women Project, the goal was to increase brand awareness and increase memberships. 

Pick the Right Venue

Pop-up events are only successful if they can reach their target audience. When searching for venues here are some things to consider about your target audience;

  • Where do they eat?
  • Where do they work?
  • Where do they socialize?
  • Where do they shop?

Successful events are easily discovered by the target audience. 

For The Women Project pop-up, the location was inside and outside the Dior storefront in Buckhead, Atlanta. After careful research, it was determined that this was the ideal location for the target market for The Women Project. 

Get Smart with Your Marketing

Building excitement is the key to a successful pop-up event. Build excitement by getting creative. Social media is a must – post fun teaser photos and cryptic captions to incite curiosity. Consider partnering with local businesses and community groups that are associated with the target audience to help get the word out. Contact the press and local contacts to build awareness. Don’t underestimate the power of traditional marketing. Flyers and signs are great ways to capture the target audience’s attention. 

The pop-up event for The Women Project focused heavily on partnerships with local businesses. Not only did they partner with Dior, but they also partnered with the Waldorf-Astoria in Buckhead and JJ’s Flower Cart. 

The Waldorf Astoria, which had recently changed its name from The Mandarin, was looking to get their name out in the community, so agreed to partner with The Women Project. They catered the event with exquisite hors d’ oeuvres and the best French champagne. They even had their executive chef and general manager flown in, just for this event. The VP of Marketing for the Waldorf-Astoria was also in attendance. 

JJ’s Flower Cart, a new expansion to JJ’s Flower Truck, was also looking to establish brand awareness. They sold flowers at the event with their new flower cart and a portion of the sales went towards The Women Project. 

The local press was contacted beforehand, which helped in the massive turnout. Publishers of big magazines and journalist dropped by the event – further contributing to the success. 

Consider Logistics from the Get-Go 

Pop-up events for the guests may seem impromptu, but in reality, they are complex and require a lot of planning. Once the venue has been selected, begin researching municipal requirements. The event may require insurance, permits, or special licenses. Complete paperwork as early as possible. 

Next, consider any event needs. WiFi, sound, decor, lighting, and vendors must be selected. Be conscious of ADA accessibility guidelines, food and beverage guidelines, and local laws or codes. 

Finally, consider the specific details of the event. Will it be a paid event? Are you giving out prizes? Will the guests be able to purchase something? Address these questions early on. 

Working with luxurious brands means remaining compliant with their brand standards. Hosting an event at Dior meant adhering to their store guidelines – something that required careful planning and approval.

Swag for this event included spa treatments and luxury Dior handbags – in addition to a large champagne wall that handed out champagne and elegantly boxed cupcakes. Considerations had to be made for all of these early in the planning process. 

Pop-up events are exciting events that require a lot of behind the scenes work. Every veteran event planner will agree that by following these 4 secrets to successful pop-up events and starting as early as possible will ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. 

Do you need help planning your next pop-up event? Contact Events of a Lifetime Productions to learn how we can take your pop-event to the next level. 

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