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Congratulations! 2020 is right around the corner, and if you’re reading this article, it probably means you’re involved in a wedding. Whether you’re the bride, a vendor, mother-of-the-bride, or just a helpful friend, this article will give you some insights into what we have identified as the top wedding trends for 2020. You’ll find these wedding trends to be open-ended so they are open to your own unique interpretation on how to best incorporate these trends into your upcoming celebration. 

Our favorite wedding trends for 2020

Thinking about planet earth while saying “I do”

On the whole, millennials are incredibly earth-conscious as a lifestyle choice. That’s why we can expect to see earth-friendly wedding trends gain more traction in 2020. E-invitations, meatless weddings, reusable/repurposed decor, charitable favors, and recyclable materials are just a few examples of how millennials can still throw their dream wedding while being mindful of their carbon footprint.  

Couples want to be gifted experiences 

While some couples still want traditional wedding gifts, a large portion of this generation is all about creating experiences and lasting memories. The “cash-registry”, where friends and family gift money instead of presents, has been popular for a while, but insightful millennials are taking it a step further. Many couples are asking for specific experiences either for their honeymoon – like a walking tour of Chicago – or gifts that will last a lifetime – like health screenings or gym passes. Guests can browse the couple’s wedding registry to get a sense of what their wedded life will entail and become a big part in helping them create those precious memories. 

They lean towards unplugged ceremonies 

Wedding photography is visually stunning and will literally last a lifetime, so nothing is worse than a hundred iPhones ruining the background of every shot. Unplugged weddings let everyone do what they do best – the photographer can get perfect pictures and the guests can focus on having a good time. Some couples will opt for an unplugged wedding from start to finish, while others enforce just an unplugged ceremony. Either way, we promise the photographer will love it. 

Multicultural weddings are the norm

With 58% of couples marrying outside of their cultural background, it’s inevitable that weddings will become more blended each year. Some couples are choosing to mix their favorite traditions from their cultures and incorporate them into their own unique wedding experience, while others are even hosting two separate ceremonies to honor both of their cultures and backgrounds.  While it can be difficult to integrate important aspects of two cultures, the end result is worth all of the effort. 

Multicultural Wedding 2 | Millennial Wedding Trends

Millennials realize the importance of hiring a wedding planner

Life is complicated, and months of wedding planning can add tons of daily stress. That’s why many millennials are embracing wedding planners to help them manage everything from start to finish. With personalized, unique weddings being the trend, any wedding planner worth their salt will come to the table with creative, innovative ideas to get the couple excited and can execute on these ideas. The best wedding planners will handle all of the event logistics so the couple, family, and friends can focus on truly enjoying their event without the stress. A wedding planner will also handle professional event partner relationships, negotiate contracts, advocate for the family, and may even serve as a neutral third-party for stressful family relationships. 

Wait, two weddings? 

It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to host more than one ceremony or reception. There are multiple reasons for this growing trend. International couples, with families across the world, may opt to have smaller weddings in separate countries. Tight budgets may mean more intimate ceremonies in exchange for larger receptions. Other elope only to have a big celebration when they get home. No matter the reason, it’s a trend that we continue to see growing in popularity! 

Destination weddings are all the rage

Many millennial couples are skipping out on the traditional wedding and are taking a big leap into destination weddings for a truly one-of-a-kind experience wedding and honeymoon experience. Imagine getting married at the base of a volcano in Hawaii or on the white sand beaches of Jamaica. Doesn’t that just sound lovely? Be vary though. Destination weddings can be a tricky business for couples, so we always advise finding a wedding planner that specializes in destination weddings. They will make sure you’re getting fair prices, a beautiful location, and will handle all of the logistics so you can make the most of your big day. 

Destination Weddings | Millennial Wedding Trends

Less formal – more personal 

Weddings today would look unrecognizable to your great aunt Gertrude. Thanks largely in part to an incredibly diverse group of couples and guests, weddings are less formal than previous generations. The cookie-cutter model for wedding ceremonies has been tossed aside in favor of personalized weddings that match the couple’s values and interests. In fact, more than 70% of weddings last less than 30 minutes and incorporate handwritten vows, special readings, and even musical interludes. 

No more hideous bridesmaid dresses

If you’re a fan of the popular movie 27 Dresses than you know how truly horrible bridesmaid dresses used to be. But millennial brides aren’t as tied to matching bridesmaid dresses as previous generations. This price-conscious generation leans towards affordable, reusable fashion that looks good on everyone. In fact, many brides opt to let their bridesmaid choose their dress so long as it is within some set guidelines as to formality and colors. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses is no longer a catastrophe, but a conscious decision and guests are loving it. 

Wedding parties based on relationships – not gender

Long gone are the days where bridesmaids were women and groomsmen were men. Couples are now choosing to have gender-fluid wedding parties. At the end of the day, couples want the most important people by their side – regardless of gender. So don’t be surprised if you see a best woman or the man of honor at millennial ceremonies next year.

Wedding celebrations are more than one day

From a bridal party weekend getaway to a morning-after brunch, it’s not uncommon to see multiple wedding festivities these days. Couples want to get the most out of having their closest friends and family in one place, so pre-wedding outings, after parties, and planned social events are just a few ways millennials are getting the most out of their wedding festivities. 

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