photo shoot

As we all know, we try to plan our lives as much as we can, but sometimes, “life” happens, and there are things that we just have no control over like the weather. And, as much as we all probably have the weather app installed on our phones, many times, Mr. Weather Man is wrong, and we just have to change our plans accordingly. I mean, what choice do we have, right? Well, we have set a record with Rita and Alikhan because we had to reschedule their engagement session 3 times. I felt AWFUL! Yes, it is out of my hands, but still… I just felt terrible that it kept happening, but this couple were troopers and really understood. I so appreciated their patience and understanding with the circumstances. Well, guess what? We finally won the battle with the weather, and you are about to see some amazing engagement images! I love this couple and the passion that they have for their upcoming wedding. I just can’t wait to see all the details and the celebration that will take place for three days. Yes, three days! I was so happy when they chose Roswell because it has really become one of my fav areas in Atlanta. I just took my wife out for a date there and we had the most amazing food at “Table and Main.” All the restaurants there are incredible. If you have not been, please go! Even though it was one HOTlanta day, they fought through the heat with bright smiles and laughter. Jackson Street Bridge was just stunning that evening and so were this couple and especially Rita in her traditional outfit. If you know me, I love traditions and culture… Rita and Alikhan, I had a wonderful time getting to know you guys more throughout the shoot. Thank you for being so fun! Loved all the outfits you guys picked out and you are just very beautiful together. Enjoy the images, and can’t wait to see you both again on your wedding day(s). 😉

Engagement Shoot