Jet Smarter

For such a modern company as JetSmarter, a membership-based private jet company, my team at Events of a Lifetime needed to organize an event of equal style. The airport hangar that served as the venue was accented with flowers and foliage. Wait staff offered hors d’oeuvres and beverages to guests, and an elegant coffee cart whipped up cappuccinos artfully emblazoned with the JetSmarter logo in the froth. Guests meandered through the hangar, enjoying upbeat music provided by jazz trio Lilac Wine. After the event began, actress and singer Christina Milian entered on the red carpet and took photos with guests — Atlanta socialites, young entrepreneurs, and existing members.

In the age of social media, there is hardly time to travel on regular airplanes. I was thrilled to promote JetSmarter’s brilliant concept of an app-based Uber-of-the-sky service for airplanes with a sleek and anticipated media event. My team and I worked hard to arrange this event and infuse the modern nature of JetSmarter into every finishing touch.