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Yes, I have mentioned this before, but Dyanna and her family and I go waaaaay back! Guys, can you believe how many years it has been since we’ve all known each other? I think about 14 years, eh? Crazy how time flies… The coolest thing though is the reason behind how we know each other. Jesus! Where we would be without Him, I just don’t know and I don’t want to know. One thing for sure is that we have all grown up, and I’m grateful for their friendships and the trust they have given me to capture their most special day. I say it every time, but really, it’s my sincere honor. I remember when Dyanna first expressed her interest in our wedding photography and then when she started dating Greg. First, I was so happy for her, and I couldn’t believe she would be interested! If you know Dyanna, she is one creative person. She is a fashionista and has some crazy talent in being the best hairstylist. My wife has expressed many times that she wants to get a hair cut from her… Um… I guess I better make that happen, huh? 😉 Anyways, so for an extreme creative person to like our work, is really mind blowing for me and even more of an encouragement. Well, here we are… It’s been a couple of years, and the day finally arrived. I’ve met Greg a few times in the past, but got to know him when we had our engagement shoot with them this summer. We ended the shoot in my backyard, and after they left, I clearly remember saying to my wife, “You know, I’m really happy for Dyanna. Greg… he’s such a nice guy!” And, my wife responded with, “I knoooooow……” He has been there for her through thick and thin. As we all know, life brings unexpected things. Sometimes good and sometimes… not so fun things. But, that’s life, and we have the strength from our God to get through any circumstance. For Dyanna, on top of that, she had Greg and her one incredible family. Her mom, who is just oh so amazing and her countless siblings. She is blessed, and I know that together, Dyanna & Greg will go far in life. They are a great team, and through their love, they will make great things happen. Dyanna & Greg, once again, thank you so much for coming to us and allowing us to be a part of your wedding day. We had so much fun going through this season with you. Everything really came together nicely, and you guys did one fantastic job in making your party a blast. It was quite a celebration and everything was trendy and beautiful – a wedding that I will never forget. Unchong and I appreciate you guys so much and pray for you guys to have an amazing marriage; a marriage where it gets better everyday. A marriage where God is the center. Congratulations…

Wedding Planner ~ Gillian Marto ~ Events of A Lifetime.

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